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Episode 12 with Susan Carlson

Dr. Susan Carlson’s story is the discovery of DHA omega-3 in preterm birth. From learning that brains of preterm babies were void of DHA to now helping doctors identify how much DHA their pregnant patients need for a healthy birth. DHA is essential for infants and moms need it too; identifying the healthy equilibrium between mother and child is on the horizon. Building on discovery, asking key questions, trial limitations; her story is a real-time demonstration of scientific collaboration that improves human health. 

Topics Discussed

  • Dr. Carlson background & education (2:10)
  • Initial research on DHA in babies (3:58)
  • Research on infant vision (6:42)
  • DHA supplementation during pregnancy & early pre-term birth superiority trial (14:02)
  • Addressing the role of EPA in pregnancy (18:08)
  • Dietary Guidelines for omega-3 consumption (19:32)
  • Closing thoughts on DHA as it relates to pregnancy (22:41)

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