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Episode 11 Where the Science Began: A tribute to Dr. Ralph Holman

Who identified EPA and DHA omega-3? Ever wonder why omega-3 fats are called “omega-3”? How did we learn what fats were essential? In this episode, we take a walk back to hear Dr. Ralph Holman’s story, from poverty to pioneer; how his quest to solve problems built the foundation of omega-3 science. Living legends today sought his wisdom and his mentee, Dr. Doug Bibus, tells the story. Smuggling, brandy, sardines, love, ocean ships, character, and simple living are part of this American dream.

Topics Discussed

  • Ralph Holman’s background (3:17)
  • Dr. Holman’s discoveries at the University of Minnesota (4:27)
  • Holman Omega-3 test (11:36)
  • How Dr. Holman came to name omega-3s (16:00)
  • The beginning of Dr. Holman’s research on lipids (18:28)
  • Dr. Holman’s personal background (20:56)
  • Ralph Holman’s impact on Doug Bibus’ life & career (25:06 )

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