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Episode 10 with Jonathan Oliver and Cody Lust

Speaking to coaches, parents, and athletes, Dr. Oliver and Cody Lust discuss what they learned about head trauma and omega-3 from their research in Division I college football players.  Does omega-3 provide protection for the brain?  What are the omega-3 levels in athletes today? Huddle in to hear about concussion vs. repetitive sub-concussive impact, function vs. optimal intake of omega-3; should football be banned and what about other sports, such as soccer, rugby, gymnastics, and hockey? 

Topics Discussed

  • Introduction to concussion and sub-concussive impacts (2:25)
  • DHA omega-3 related research (6:01)
  • Omega-3 dose response in collegiate athletes (12:30)
  • Recommendations on omega-3 intake (19:18)
  • Should we ban contact sports? (22:31)
  • New research on omega-3 and concussion (27:09)

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