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Episode 9 with Jorn Dyerberg

Dr. Jorn Dyerberg tells the story of discovering the role of omega-3s in human health. It’s his story to tell. More than 50 years ago as a young medical student, Dr. Dyerberg and his mentor set out to understand how Greenland Inuits could have such a low rate of heart disease while living on a high fat diet. A sense of adventure, sled dogs, seal blubber, scientific methods, commitment to publish, and collaboration are all part of the story that launched the science of marine-sourced omega-3s.  

Topics Discussed

  • Dr. Dyerberg’s journey to Greenland (5:40)
  • Research that contributed to Dr. Dyerberg and Dr. Bang’s omega-3 discovery (8:24)
  • Omega-6 research on blood clotting tendencies (11:08)
  • Medical research acceptance and clinical trials on omega-3s (17:26)
  • Clarifying comments on bleeding tendencies (19:43)
  • Closing thoughts on life’s research & omega-3 deficiencies (26:33)

Resources Mentioned in this Episode


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