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Episode 8 with Rachel Gow

Rachel Gow explains how her quest for answers to help her child’s learning and behavior differences inspired her career in neuroscience and nutrition. Dr. Gow shares her experiences, early failures and learnings, and the moment her son told her he felt ‘happy’. Her new book “Smart Foods for ADHD and Brain Health” includes her journey, the science behind brain health, practical tips, resources, and recipes for busy parents. 

Topics Discussed

  • Early career and son’s ADHD diagnosis (2:56)
  • Interest in Omega-3 (7:43)
  • Dr. Gow’s book Smart Foods for ADHD and Brain Health (13:12)
  • Clearing up confusion around omega-3s (15:32)
  • Background diet and ‘brain selective nutrients’ (23:01)

Resources Mentioned in this Episode


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