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Episode 7 with Michael Crawford

Dr. Michael Crawford describes how his career began in Africa, why he studied brain chemistry and his African experience. His discovery of the primary essentiality of DHA to build and maintain the brain. Hear his early learnings, how opportunity, basic science, and 32 species in Uganda answered this question: Why do animals have different size brains?  Bonus! You get to hear about his new book, Brain Under Siege, expected fall 2021.

Topics Discussed

  • Introduction to his African experience (2:10)
  • Deep dive into research on brain chemistry (6:46)
  • Discovery of DHA to build and maintain the brain (9:20)
  • What you should know about DHA and the brain (12:06)
  • Sources of DHA and trace elements (15:26)
  • Introduction to Dr. Crawfords book Brain Under Siege (18:30)

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