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Episode 6 with Dan Wiley

Daniel Wiley shares how being receptive to business opportunities opened the door to becoming a global supplier of fish oils. The realization that fish oil was not just another product to process, but a healthful ingredient that enriches human lives. Hear the steps involved in getting omega-3s from the ocean to a bottle.  Learn what is involved in managing fishing in a healthy, sustainable manner; the commitment to protect this natural, limited resource and the culture for future generations.

Topics Discussed

  • Introduction to Wiley Companies evolution (3:26)
  • AlaskOmega and Wild Alaskan Pollock (5:05)
  • Wiley’s US supply chain and manufacturing process (7:55)
  • Sources of EPA & DHA (13:50)
  • Fish being collectors of EPA & DHA (15:36)
  • Addressing sustainability and overfishing concerns (17:21)

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