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Episode 5 with Dr. Tom Brenna

Dr. Brenna shares insights on where interest in omega-3 for the heart and brain began, and what we know about omega-3 and human genes today. Where is DHA found in our bodies? How was that discovered? Hear why research reported in isolation can be confusing and how research design flaws impact results. With fun curiosity about lipid chemistry for 32+ years, Dr. Brenna breaks things down into practical, logical explanations.

Topics Discussed

  • Difference between EPA & DHA (5:5)
  • Where DHA is found in the body (6:51)
  • Omega-3’s role in cardiovascular health (8:00)
  • Omega-3’s role in neurocognitive health (11:38)
  • What’s known about genes and omega-3s (16:34)
  • Making sense of conflicting information on omega-3s (18:51)

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